Saturday, August 27, 2016

It's all brown

It's been hot, too hot for too long - 35 to 37 degrees most days, making it impossible to do much at all.  It's strange that you end up wishing for a cloud or two.  

Massive thunderstorms brought some much needed rain the other night, but by morning the ground was bone dry once again.

Needless to say there has been no gardening done since June when this hot weather came to stay. Except emergency watering, which is done every two days.   Not that it seems to have had much impact.  The grass (well the weeds in the grass) have turned brown and dust is forming where grass used to be.  The upside - no need to mow!

The African daisies which usually look wonderful have turned a brown colour and need a massive chopping back once the gardening weather improves and the oregano which grows like a weed has given up and is starting to turn a brown/grey colour.

The birds stay in their hiding places during the day, but I keep the food and water topped up for them every other day.   I suppose the upside is they have given up eating Lord's left over food from his bowl!

Our stunning wild garden which is at the end of the garden and was stuffed full of bugs and wild flowers last year has turned into a potential hay meadow. 

Despite watering this poor hydrangea is not going to make it.  A good cutting back in October should bring it back to life next year - I hope.

All in all, it's a bit dry out there. Having said that, the lemons are growing, the tomatoes are turning red, I'm sun drying home grown tomatoes for the winter and I know things will grow back.

It's like my Mum says, 'it's got two chances', it lives or it dies.

At least the new patio and the enormous lime tree is creating some much needed shade for Lord, who still wants to go for a walk at 3pm despite the heat!

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