Thursday, August 1, 2013

The holiday

Peter’s gone on holiday, back to Jersey for the first time in 3 and a half years.  He’s taking the scenic route with his friend Jamie, up through Spain for tapas, then into France for a surf then onwards to St Malo for the ferry.   I’m home alone for the first time ever.  

Normally I go away for a week or two and I’m working, working 10 hour days, making the trip pay for itself, despite some hard drinking with girlfriends and shopping in M&S. 
Whenever I get home I look to see what Peter has done in terms of DIY.  I was spoiled a couple of times last year when I got home Peter had, built a desk, a cabinet, varnished the floor, dismantled a bread oven…..etc.   But the last few times, I’ve got home and nothing has been done, not even the vacuuming! 
So, while Peter is away I’m making it count, I’ve got a tonne of jobs listed….from finally finishing my fundraising strategy for work, to filling and painting the water damage, getting the kitchen floor varnished again, putting some batons in the bedroom.   All this and dog walking and the watering which needs to be done…..wish me luck!

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