Thursday, May 6, 2010

So, how lovely is it?

OK we are online. We have a phone, we have internet access.

Been an amazing week here in Portugal. So much done...Planted veg (carrots, beetroot, onions, squash, corn, potatoes, cabbage) mostly bought from the market. Photo to follow in later posts.
Our neighbours are great. American couple, ex US Marine and an artist - they know everyone.
Local bar (social club) is great, like the Farmers Inn before they asked the people to stop swearing in the lounge bar!

Card games taken too seriously here, loud beyond loud.
Or so I thought until Port V Benifica on the TV on Sunday. Boy they take their football seriously here. I told the bar boys that Chelsea were the team to beat!

We've been exploring too. The Zezere Rio and Coimbra. The Rio is so wonderful, we spent a great day driving around, eating a picnic by the Rio where the fish were jumping. One thing I have noticed is that they take their amazing countryside for granted. Example - Fantastic view across the Rio from this bar, but the seating area did not take account of this, instead the seating area and bar overlooked the road. Maybe when it is all around you, you just don't need to view it so much!

Coimbra today, hilly (I need to get rid of that half stone weight). A great city, but once you leave the cool air of the mountains you can feel the heat of the day. We ate dinner in the cantine for the Peace and Law faculty. The views from the top of the city, across the Mondago Rio were fantastic.

Tomorrow we'll be clearing the water way channels for the river flow to water our gardens, look out for snakes!

So far so good here, although I'm finding the language difficult, not knowing how to communicate is pretty hard. Hurrah for Peter though, totally relaxed with the way of life and can make himself understood like a native.

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