Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clean power

Portugal is just full of wind turbines, they line the mountains surrounding us, they stretch across the country from the north through to the Algarve. The turbines dot the landscape where ever you look. They are strangely beautiful, although anyone who remembers the series The Tripods will have a flash back to hiding behind the sofa behind scared of the machines.

Tracks run across the mountain ridges, connecting each turbine. Parks are made at the top of the mountains to encourage people to walk amongst these white giants softly making woash woash noises 24 hours a day. Up close the turbines are huge, they are imposing and really dominate the landscape.

Driving across the mountain ridge is amazing, the sounds, the changes in the light as the blades pass across the sun.

At night they light up the top of them, creating a red light (like Mars) in the night sky.

I'm a fan (get it?).

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