Monday, April 19, 2010

Leaving Jersey, but not if the volcano has anything to do with it

The weekend was a little fraught to say the least. Not everything fitted in the van, so Peter played 3D Tetrus for two days trying to make everything squeeze in. Well the boy did it, apart from a couple of bits. I spent the weekend cleaning and getting stressed, although a drink at the Splash on Sunday afternoon revived the soul a little.

Peter went off on the ferry this morning, with Jono, and was so excited. I might have more of a problem though! I'm supposed to be leaving in 10 days time, but this damn volcano is causing me concern. Flights still grounded, and I cannot get through to anyone at eurorail in the UK (they couldn't post me the tickets anyway)! So, lets hope this cloud goes well away and we can start moving around Europe again.

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