Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And so it begins

So Peter and Jono got to Casa dos Avos last night. Almost a burnt out clutch, and a run-away van (couldn't park on the white stone outside the house) !
House smells of fags I'm told (owners smoked 20 a day).
Boys went to the bar, fu**ed of dinner and decided that beer was the answer. Cannot say I blame them.
Meanwhile, will I fly next week, won't I fly next week. The ash saga continues, but I am keeping it all crossed in hope.
Just got to get Pat out here now for my last weekend in sunny Jersey, come on BA fly, fly like the wind.


  1. Well, the politicians blew the ash cloud away and I got to Jersey friday night, and had a great time. Helen was on holiday too, so we did holiday things including a lovely walk across the bay to the Boathouse. Royal Yacht was fab, as always and we had some lovely food and lots of champagne to celebrate Helen's great adventure. I will probably not go back to Jersey again, but am hoping to get an invite to Portugal instead! Lots of love and happiness to Helen and Pete as they start their big adventure. Pat

  2. Beer is NEVER the answer. £50 million is the answer, but beer can often be used as a fall-back.