Monday, February 9, 2015


Peter has a new toy.   A video camera.  He wants to share the stunning landscapes and way of life here in Central Portugal through video.    He seems to be pretty good at taking some lovely images, but there is a lot to choose from round here.

This video shows the amazing landscape right outside our back door.  The clouds going by at a speedy pace (only one sequence was sped up)...

We've had so much rain recently, we must have had about three day's worth of rain in a few hours.  While that has caused problems for the river beaches, with car parks being washed out and whole trees making their way down the river to the river beach, it has made for some lovely tranquil water images complete with some plinky plonky music.

Finally, more water.   We took the dog for a walk up to the mountain top the other day.  I walked on my own as Peter was off filming waterfall footage and the dog ended up wanting to chase goats.   Not quite what I had imagined would be an relaxing walk with the dog....but nothing is ever really what you expect I suppose.   

I won't post the video here, instead take a look at Peter's You Tube channel.

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