Friday, May 3, 2013


After what felt like weeks of rain the sun came out....BBQs, drinks on the patio, mosquitos, lizards and a little sun-burn.  Peter put his tender plants out, things started growing fast.  Then the world turned up-side-down and the cold came back.  Monday was about 12 degrees in the day, blinking freezing.  The fire was put on at night and I have been ramping up the sex appeal by sleeping in my fleece!

Today though the world has returned to normal, the sun has come out and it's lovely out there.  So to celebrate I've been taking some garden pictures....

Peter without realising gave me a complement; 'you couldn't wish for a better flower bed' he said...without realising that there is an awful lot of work, weeding, thinning and re-planting gone into it. I soon told him!

I love these flowers - no idea what they are

Peter and Lord.  Everything in the garden is moving so Lord is hunting lizards, mice and snakes

These tiny flower-heads are the olives starting to grow

And our first lemon has appeared on our tiny tree

Depite hacking back the vines to an inch of their life, they are sprouting again.  Tiny grapes are already forming

Complete with pollen covered bee/bug thing

Peter has been working hard in the veg patch

This is blooming for the first time.  It's stunning.

The tulips and iris' are almost over already, but the rose buds are about to bloom

Our amazing Jasmin is stunning again this year - it's about to come into flower

Just one problem - MOLES - last count 23 mole hills


  1. Lovely pics, Helen. Wish it would warm up here. It's grey and blooming cold today. British bank holidays - love 'em!

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  3. Hi, thanks for this blog, I came across it while researching the area, and it has been quite helpful. My husband and I just bought an old house in Pera, I think we're actually quite close to you, it's the Manor house next to the recreation center. It needs a lot of work but we love the house.


    1. Hi, yes it is just down the road, about a 1 min walk. Very close indeed. We've heard that we are getting new neighbours in town.
      The house is great, but yes it does need work. You'll love Pera, it is lovely here.
      If you want to email me direct and ask me anything then I'm
      Meet you soon I expect.