Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Visitor

First and foremost, having visitors is fantastic, but, it can be a funny thing. I mean, catering for someone elses likes and dislikes, I mean, do you visit cities, go swimming, walking, museum visiting, go shopping? And hell on earth is when the weather is bad....what on earth do you do then. Somehow watching 8 hours of Glee only works for some very special people (and I include myself in that special category).

Being a non parent, there is always an element of excitement tinged with a little horror when we have children come visit. From stopping the dog jumping up and biting them ('he doesn't mean it, he's just being friendly' I say) to catering for non spice eating, non chicken eating kids (well, Peter does that bit).

But, we always have a lovely time when the kids come visit, and this time was no exception. Much joy had by all, although on the Monday after they left I did find myself asleep on the sofa at midday and undergoing a day of doing nothing - just because I could!

Lots of swimming, sunburnning etc had. In fact I am now the proud owner (well not that proud) of crow’s feet sun tan lines where my eyes were screwed up against the sun. I always laughed at my step-dad who got these, now the time has come when I get them too.

There is something about being a parent that you just get used to the noise, demands etc. It's the same for all parents, I think, but not being one, you hear everything, want to please the kids all the time, feel guilt if you tell them off and they cry, etc etc. When does the gene that parents seem to have kick in and suddenly you don't hear everything, are happy to say 'play on your own' or not feel guilty if the kid cries? I suppose it is the same gene that makes you want to have kids in the first place? !

It's a funny thing about moving away from friends and family. I've done it twice now. It is funny how you drift away from some friends when you are not in their pocket at home, how staying in touch becomes too hard with the barrier of needing to write to people instead of meeting for a glass of wine after work. The people you thought would be first out are never the ones who come and visit. But lovely Team WD have now been out twice in two years and I for one hope they come back next year again!

More visitors planned for August and September, first some Cutty Sarkers coming to visit, then some new Porto residents (I hope) then my Mum, Step-dad and Sister. It's an open invite, so when you coming?

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  1. Helen
    I absolutely love your insight to having visitors and kids visit...i can totally relate, having spent a week with my 3 nephews aged 2, 4 and 6...i was a wreck at the end! I am definitely missing that ubiquitous gene!!!
    Hope all is plans to go back to Europe yet but if I do, i would love to come visit! and i would happily sit and watch glee with you curled up on the sofa:)