Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fighting a losing battle

There are certain things that you need to accept you are just never going to win. We all have them, you know, the things you are going to lose at. Mine are:

1) A disagreement with Peter (see what I mean)
2) The battle to get rid of half a stone (I'm not posting a picture of that)
3) Getting a quote from anyone Portuguese for household insurance (god only knows why), and
4) The battle against the garden weeds

Now I know weeding is not a new (or interesting some might say) subject. All gardeners from the Mighty Monty Don (official name) to the person with a window box suffer the same fate. But here, in central Portugal the weeds seem to be on drugs...I mean there are thousands of them, floating in the wind, depositing themselves on my seedling pots, setting up home in the veg patch and growing down the side of the house. It's enough to drive anyone insane, yet every gardener deals with it on a daily basis.

I was very excited when my flowers started to come through in this pot recently....but just a week later, what do I have but this damn weed.

Now maybe having a wildlife garden doesn't help...but the bugs and slow worms love it.

So, fighting a losing battle, this afternoon I will not start the diet again, not try once more to ring the bank to get a quote for insurance, not begin a disagreement with Peter, instead I will be in the garden pulling up weeds (and trying to avoid all the plants Peter has planted too)!

Wish me luck.

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