Thursday, August 5, 2010

Visitors and self sufficiency

Our very first visitors were the JWD family, they were with us for 8 days and it was great fun.

Sam went down very well with the locals, all that blonde hair seems to work a treat. And Zack was learning four new Portuguese words a day - that's more than I can manage. I got them 'singing' Boa Tarde, Bom Dia etc after day one. These boys are quick learners.

The week was spent visiting all the local watering holes, both fearless at diving in (along with Michelle who did all the jumping in despite what you may hear otherwise).

I think everyones favorite place was Fragas Sao Simao, where it is idyllic jumping off the rocks into the clear (but cold) water. However, despite this wonderful vista:

It is possible that the boys (grown up ones too) picked up on a different view of the local area....Sam seems to have his goggles focused on the lady in the those are big!

Now they have gone back to England, I have a cold (caught from Peter) and we are starting to get back into the swing of doing nothing really. Our self sufficiency book has been out and we've started to pull up some of our veg and get the ground ready for the next lot to be put in. Our onions are tied (by me, so no one criticise please).

Our glut of tomatoes are being made into sauce or are drying outside on the rack,

and our stumpy carrots (too much water we are told) have been made into a local snack, where they are prepared in oil and garlic. Yum.

That should last us about 3 weeks then!!!

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