Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Croc or not to Croc

I always swore that I would not buy a pair of Crocs, I know people love them, but I never understood it. My reasons for swearing never to buy them were:-
1) They are ugly
2) They remind me of working for someone that wore them into the office
3) I never had any need for them (high heels moved to flats when I moved to Jersey, but never to Crocs).
4) It seemed everyone had them
5) I hate those awful Croc jewels that people put in them (ref #2)
6) I had a lovely pair of jelly shoes which Sarah brought back from India for me
So, numerous reasons. When Peter bought his:

Blue ones, from Jersey. But bought with the intention of wearing them in the garden here in Portugal, I resisted....OK, OK, I did look at various pairs of fake Crocs in the shops...I toyed with it, but mentally listing all the reasons 1 to 6 in my head I did not make a purchase.
Since getting to Portugal though, I have tried out different shoes...I fell down the garden steps and hurt myself in my Moroccan slippers (now they languish at the bottom of a bag), flip flops leave my feet open to ant bites, lovely jelly shoes are sadly falling apart after 5 years of summer wear, my Nikes are too good to get muddy (well actually they make my feet smell so I don't wear them as often as I thought I would). So I thought about it, discussed my fears with my next door neighbour 'you're a farmer now' she said to me. I tried out Peter's....they are quite comfortable...I felt the change coming upon me.....then I lapsed, a moment of madness in the supermarket....I bought some (stylish?!) brown ones.....I know, I shouldn't have, I know. I simply cannot fathom what happened...but only yesterday I was out in town with Peter, I looked down and there they were....Oh god, it's happened - Yes my name is Helen and I own a pair of (fake) Crocs....and the worst thing is, they are currently my most worn shoe (I have them on now) - THE SHAME.


  1. Sorry, reasons not good enough. Disinherited. x

  2. i resisted as well until i came across "Sharks" crocs for the fashion conscious sailor!!!

  3. noooooo! will i be the only person left on the entire planet who refuses to buy/wear crocs?